Dear sir, The affair with the Brand SONY was started at age 6 when my – Kazuo Hirai email address

sandeep sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation – email address that said:

Dear sir,

The affair with the Brand SONY was started at age 6 when my neighbor had brought Sony colour TV from Dubai. The colour was so beautiful, it seemed that everything was real. From that day, I made my mind that I will only buy SONY electronics for my home from here on. So when I bought my first Walkman, it was a SONY Walkman. When I started earning, my first cellphone was SONY ERRICSON. My first gift to my wife after wedding was 29 inch SONY BRAVIA TV, which is still working for last 11 years. I have not even changed its remote.

Since my 29 inch TV was looking too old for my drawing room, I thought of buying Sony Bravia 43 Inch android TV W995. On 25th of March, I bought it from Croma. I was so sure of the brand that I didn’t even give a second thought for Samsung or LG, which were cheaper than SONY.

The TV was delivered. After installation on 3rd of April (within 3 days) it started showing green colour pixels. I called the customer care , they told me to go to the Settings and do some colour correction, but after a few hours the pixels reoccurred. So I called the service center, registered a complaint the engineer came and saw the TV and told my wife that we will have to change the part. My wife told him that we want a replacement. So from that date I am calling customer care, but I am getting same answer that your complaint has been given to service center and they will call you. There was a call from service center saying please call the costumer care and write a mail

Please tell me what I should do now. No one is even bothered about my sentiments and loyalty to the brand. Now, the only option I am left with is to go to the consumer court.

I need a replacement of the product and not a temporary repair, as this fault occurred within 3 days of purchase.

I hope you’ll look into the matter and respond with an effective solution.

Yours Sincerly

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