Dear Sir, This is my second email on this forum. You may find my previous – Mukesh Ambani email address

Bhavesh sent a message to Mukesh Ambani – Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir,
This is my second email on this forum. You may find my previous email posted below. This is to bring to your attention the string of events that occured after I posted my initial email on this forum.
I Posted my grievance(pathetic,100kbps speeds on reliance Jio) on 3rd Nov 2016 on this forum. The following morning I received a phone call from a representative of your company who enquired about my complaint and assured me of getting them solved.
Two days later a person visited my place to check for validity of my claims. He checked for himself and agreed the speeds were abysmal at that point of the day. He assured that he will make sure that services are restored as per promised speeds at the earliest.
The following day I recieved a msg that said that my ticket was being closed as the matter was resolved.
This entire activity was very swift and very well managed. It was just missing one little detail, The solution to my problem. My data speeds are still abysmal. My speed tests still show figures of 180-500 kbps. The entire process is defeated because I am still an unhappy consumer. Also, it was never verified with me if the speeds improved before the ticket was closed.
I really hope Reliance Jio works and works big time and hence I am try to give constructive criticism. I hope it will be taken in positive attitude and my problem will be resolved.

---------------------------------------My Original Msg----------------------------------------------------

Dear Sir,
I am a user of your Reliance Jio services for over 2 months now. I am very appreciative of your initiative to realize the goal of digital India and am thankful for bursting the bubble of call rates by the likes of airtel and vodafone. However, I am sending this mail to bring your notice to another important matter.
I live in Lucknow and until 2 months ago, I received speeds from jio LTE services to the tune of 18-25Mbps.
However for the past few weeks now, the service is nothing less than pathetic. Throughout the entire day the speeds are less than 1Mbps even when the 4Gb daily data cap is unutilised.
The speed rarely hits 8Mbps mark that too only late at night. And completely gone are the days when the speed test showed speeds of upto 20Mbps. I used, powered) and net velocity (jio app) to test the speeds. The results are very similar.
I am writing this mail with a lot of hope and I really wish Jio the very best and I want it to succeed big time, but I am unable to understand how would Jio be able to retain its customer base post its inaugral offer if the services were not hauled up and hauled up fast enough to create a feeling of reliability on jio's ability to deliver sustained speeds over its networks.
Thanking you in anticipation.

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