Dear Sir, We own a Mercedes C Class bought in Dec 2010 in India. We – Dieter Zetsche email address

Kirat sent a message to Dieter Zetsche CEO, Daimler AG – email address that said:

Dear Sir,

We own a Mercedes C Class bought in Dec 2010 in India.

We gave the car for servicing (Feb 2016) got to know that the engine needs to be changed as the dust particles have caused damaged.

Sir, Indian roads are dusty- the brand stands for perfection good quality. After 5 years if the engine needs a complete change than the product has not lived up to its promise. We bought the car to live a hassle free life for at least a few years (7-10 like other cars have served us- Ford, Toyota, Hyundai to name a few). Neither the car nor the service has lived up to its expectations. An experience which definitely doesn’t make me want to ever consider buying a Mercedes.

I did write to the leadership team in India was told – we will pay 10% extra for the repair as a gesture of good will.
That’s very kind of them BUT my questions still remains:
• Can the engineers inform us as to what actually happened to the engine- why does it need complete change over after 5yrs. Is that the life of the car on Indian roads???? After all it’s the engine that we bought the car for rest is just an iron case.

Please throw some light on this issue – it’s bothering me as it’s a breach of trust. Attached above is the reply I received.

Look forward to hearing an amicable solution to the existing problem a solution which is logical.

Thank you

Warm Regards,

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