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Dear sir,
My DG is convenient and a member of my family is the the store daily. I work in retail and live by the rule, that each and every customer is my paycheck. I have had many,many,many pricing issues at my DG store. When items are incorrectly priced, or sale signs are not properly taken down I dont want to hear excuses. I simply believe the consequence of this poorly managed store, is to honor these prices. I do not always have the extra money. Which leads to embarrassment as the line begins to back up. My last experience in this store has been by far unbelievable. I ran In and grabbed a few snacks for movie night at my house. When I began to unload the buggy, I told the young lady I was us my Ebt card. She began to check me out and the line began to back up . When she tried to scan a pack of pistachios, they wouldnt scan. I had 4 small bags of pistachios which the cashier had to manually punch in a code because of the barcode not working. At the end of my transaction she told me I owed $8.10, This was after I had done my Ebt transaction. I began to question her because the only nonfood item I purchased was a pack of paper plates for $4. Then she tells me it was the pistachios she had to manually enter. Because they wouldnt scan the code used cant be used with EBT. Well that made no sense at all , so I ask her to just take the pistachios off. ( now mind you the line of people behind me is about 6 deep and everyone is getting very upset). The cashier announced many times I was using Ebt and was trying to get something not covered, which was not the case at all and wasnt anyones business either. As I stood there humiliated she calls for help, and Im told either I had to just pay for it or the entire transaction would need to be voided and everything would need to be ring up a gain. Well I didnt have $8.10 on my debit card to just pay for it, had I had it I would of gladly paid just to get out of there. Remember this was family movie night for me. The ladies continually tried to explain to me because of the way the pistachios was entered Ebt wont cover it and this and that. I explained numerous times I understood what they was saying but the bottom line was the store items should scan correctly to begin with but if not then the cashier should know how to enter it when Ebt is used. At this point the customer next in line TOLD THE CAShiER SHE WOULD JUST PAY FOR IT. Humiliating humiliating humiliating the entire issue. So I used my Ebt card, my debit card and then the customer behind me paid the rest. Ebt covers pistachios!!!!

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