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Jill Newman sent a message to Carol Meyrowitz President and CEO, TJX Companies, Inc. - email address that said:

Dear Sir,
As a longtime shopper at your Manhattan Village/El Segundo Plaza store located in Manhattan Beach 90266 I am very
disappointed to be treated with disrespect by your store associates regarding a fixed gift card promotion. I say fixed because I was the first shopper at a promotion at 9:30 am and by 11:30 am had won nothing and watched as eight or so shoppers after me present or not won 20 dollar gift cards
where anyone could win according to the written legal ramble on the entry paper and the first thing I was asked was did I have a credit card and I couldnt have a donut or anything on the table which included orange juice..bananas and so forth
which I took anyway while she gave me a face... because I had to be a member and I was told by a customer I should only be able to enter if I actually had a credit had to be present to win which I was but I watched as this customers relative won but she was waiting in her car and had to be retrieved...NO license was requested of her and the pink box with the slit in it was never used and I noticed that a customer would fill out a form and the girl scrunched it in her fist and handed it to an African American associate who took it to the back room so she could announce over the PA system that the lady won..and during this time I am being told to go online to get a TJX REWARDS card and I said no you need to process me here and go to the front desk...and a manager on duty (long brown hair with vanilla tips) | asked her when will you start she said in a couple minutes and never did she kept waiting for others to arrive so I would not
win...nothing was fair it was disgusting and it seemed the pieces of paper were laid out but was not sure as to the winning shopper I could not see that far and did not want to
be obnoxious.
The CURRENT manager is Rose who replaced a lovely manager that moved to Oregon and become a district manager...Rose begged me not to report this to corporate that this happened at her other store and that customer was first also and did not win but now they are the best of friends although in the beginning they were not...and not everyone can win and well she would have loss prevention look at the video in the store to see what happened and that I keep repeating myself.....then she came back to say that the box was used during the drawing which it was not...and I told her so...really poor taste.
Rose also made a comment about me sitting in the store for a very long time yet she claims she was not there for this instore promotion it was her day off and the only other time I would not see her would be Mothers Day but there will be another promotion coming soon.

I was sitting for a very long time on the display sofa because it seemed odd to me that you would not use a pink box placed in front of everyone, put all the tickets into the box and pick from the box for the hour 9:30 am to 10:30 am as stated on the instore ad as you enter the store.

Very Truly Yours

Jill Newman
P O BOX 5068

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