Dear Sir,First of all, I would like to apologize for sending the email to – Lee KunHee email address

Wee How Khoh sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung email address that said:

Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to apologize for sending the email to you as I know it is improper to disturb the top management of an organization. I also know that the chance of a reply from you would be very less but I just would give it a try. I had tried to reach you through this website but I get no response from sir. It might be just a small matter to you but for me, it is a big matter because the watch was gifted by my wife as my birthday present.

I am a Malaysian and my name is Khoh Wee How. I just got a Samsung Fit2 Pro from Lotte Duty-Free Shop on 8 November 2017, Korea.

I was very happy and satisfied with my gear at the first time of wearing. At the second time, the screen blink and suddenly blank. So I tried to reboot it and luckily it back to the normal. However, the third time I wore and the same things happened again. This time, it became worst as it was unable to reboot at all and the screen was just blinking and blank.

I was looking for help from Samsung Malaysia service centre but they could not fix the problem because my gear was bought at Korea and it has no International warranty. According to Samsung Malaysia, they could help me to post the gear back to Korea but it will cost me RM445.20 which is unacceptable (I bought this for RM500++).

I am very frustrated and disappointed because I only wore 3 times and Samsung Malaysia could not even give me a satisfactory solution which would cost me almost another Samsung gear. I was trying to search for help from Samsung Korea but could not find any contact from the website (maybe it available but sorry that I could not understand Korean).

I am writing this email to express my feeling to the product as it was such a disappointment to me and the services that frustrated me a lot for past few weeks. The gear would probably in a trash because I will definitely not repair the gear for a cost of another new one.

Thank you and have a nice day to you.

Thank you.

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