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Monika Jain sent a message to Shantanu Narayen President and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated - email address that said:

Dear sir,

We are glad to announce that the School of Computing and Information Technology, MUJ, India is applying for International Conference on Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques 2017 (ICCT17) scheduled next year on December 22-23, 2017. The motive of ICCT17 is to promote high quality research in the field of communication and computing by interacting and sharing the knowledge of the researchers and by bringing the researchers both from academia and industry under one shed. Further details about the conference can be found on the following link:

It will be an honor for us to have you amongst us as a keynote speaker to the conference.

Your expertise and knowledge in the area would add a great value to our conference. It will really be an honor for different authors and industrialists present in the conference to get enlighten by the guidance and path-breaking ideas so as to lead their way through the tough competition in the global market and research in the current scenario.

With your vast and in-depth knowledge in the area, your contribution will be very beneficial to our cause as you have actively endorsing the importance of latest technology and trends.

We look forward for your positive response for making the ICCT17 a great success.

With regards
Monika Jain
(Co-Convener, ICCT17)

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