Dear Sir, With due respect i would like to tell you about the incident between me – Greg Creed email address

Kislay Kishore sent a message to Greg Creed - Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands - Email Address that said:

Dear Sir,

With due respect i would like to tell you about the incident between
me and Pizza hut delivery happened today on 27th marcg 2017 at 3:00 PM
afternoon. Since that time i am looking for the higher authority email
id of Pizza hut.

the scenario is as below.

1. Today at 1:55 PM I placed an order of a medium pan pizza from my
mobile no. 987191182 to the call center.
2. The pizza has been delivered to me at 3:00 PM. when i asked to
honor the 30 min delivery promise, the delivery boy has put a call to
someone in outlet. The another person who was online has first try to
get whole amount from me. in which when he failed, he said ok sir i am
sending the another pizza in free in next 40 min, plz make a payment
of that. i told him like i dont need another pizza just owner your
word after 30 min its free. he said no sir i can give you 300 rs
discount only on this pizza. the time was passing on and i asked him
that how much i need to pay in abusive manner. My intention of abusive
was towards the pizza hut. Since pizza hut could not kept his promise.
Then the pizza hut employee also become abusive to me. Tell me how fare this is?
if you can not honor your word, you could have simply asked in one way
that you are not interested to selling pizza. and you could have gone
I escalated this issue to the call center. but no action has been
taken. i demand a serious action against the same.

trust me i am not going to buy any pizza from pizza hut not only
Bangalore but also in India and entire world. I will surly try asked
my friends,collegues and others that not to buy pizza from pizza hut.

rest you know better and give me the soultion that what action you
have taken to make the things correct in right way.

Yours sincerly,
Kislay Kishore
+91 9871901182.

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