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Dear Sir,
I am the owner of a Nissan Note, GL63 OPO. I took the vehicle to Nissan in Maidstone on 15/9/16 due to the air con not working. They carried out 10 minutes of Nitrogen tests along with a UV inspection, which did not reveal any leaks. Due to the high cost of getting the air con replenished, I decided to delay this until the new year.
On 14/3/17 I took my car to an air con specialist to replenish the gas. Before even examining the car he said there must be a leak due to there being no gas in it (as discovered by Nissan). He said this doesnt happen with such a new vehicle without there being a leak. He carried out the same checks as Nissan did, however after about 40 minutes, he discovered the leak. It is up near a seal in the condenser in a very hard to see area. The quote to get this repaired with the part from Nissan, labour and then re-gas is £564, which I was horrified about. I cannot afford such work to be completed.
I contacted Nissan at Maidstone and explained that the fault had now been detected and explained what had been discovered. I said I appreciated that it was no longer under warranty however this was the same problem I brought it in with when it was under warranty. The Service Manager said a stone could have caused it since last year. I explained the leak isnt in an area visible from the ground and also that I had not been able to use the air con since last summer. He said he would look at the car but I would be charged. I was very disappointed to hear this and he said for me to call the complaint dept if I wasnt happy.
I called the complaints department on 14/3/17 (case ID 1-792030016). I received an email saying I should receive contact within 2 days.
After 3 days of not hearing anything, I called again. My case worker was at lunch and I was told she would call back. She finally called me back on 20/3/17, 6 days after the email saying Id receive contact in 2 days.
The case worker was far from satisfactory and I had to repeat my situation three times to her. She said she would make enquiries with Maidstone Nissan and would call me back the following day. It is now almost 3 days on and I still have not heard anything. To say Im disappointed in an understatement.
This is the first Nissan I have owned and at this rate it will be the last.
I therefore request that this matter is reviewed at a senior level as this service is wholly unsatisfactory. I brought my car into Nissan with the problem when it was still under warranty. Air con of a car this age does not just run out . Thank goodness I didnt pay for Nissan to replenish the car as it simply would have leaked out again. The tests carried out we clearly not thorough enough. I request that the fee to correct this problem is waived in this instance.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Helen King

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