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Rhiannon sent a message to Bernie Ecclestone – President and CEO, Formula One Management – Email Address that said:

Dear Sir/Madam

My name in Rhiannon, I am 18 years old and from Dundee in Scotland. I have just recently moved down to London this September and started my training on the BA Hons three year Acting course at ALRA, The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

I have just this year graduated from high school with 4 Scottish Highers in French, English, Dance and Modern Studies. Although I loved studying at school and there were many possibilities that I could go to universities and study , my heart lay in acting and I knew that that was the way I wanted to take my career path, so therefore I started auditions last November and was lucky enough to have been offered a place at an incredible drama school in London where I could fulfil that dream.

For the past four years I have been studying Musical Theatre at The Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow. At the age of 13 I was offered a place among 8 others to study in the Preparatory Theatre Course for two years alongside my school studies. I then graduated onto the Musical Theatre Course for my two final years where again I study my education alongside my singing dancing and acting. For me it was the most valuable four years and taught me everything I needed to know and is the main reason I am where I am now because it gave me the discipline and independence, as I lived away from home from 13 , to move down to London and continue doing what I loved. Amongst my study's I also gained a distinction in my ATCL Diploma for Musical Theatre in March.

When I was offered a place at ALRA, words could not describe how I felt. Being offered something that you've always wanted to do and pushed and fought for it from such a young age and then to be accepted into it , was completely overwhelming and exhilarating and just showed me how much hard work does pay off. Once I was offered a place I then found out that I had also been offered a Dance and Drama Award (DADA) to help fun my studies. ALRA is a private institution and therefore the fees are exceptionally high and far beyond being affordable for me or my parents. Therefore if I had not received a DADA then I would not be able to attend ALRA at the start of September.

The students that show the most potential and achieve the highest audition score are the ones who achieve a DADA and, out of 35 students I was lucky enough to be one of the 5 to be chosen to gain one. Whilst the DADA is incredible and paying for my fees, I am still falling short to fund my living expenses.

As a student I am committed to a 40 hour week at ALRA, Monday to Friday and I often stay later to do work or extra curricular classes such as the ALRA Chamber Choir and the dance class. I work as part of many different promotional companies and I am also currently handing out cvs to get more work.

I am writing to ask for any donation that I can put towards my living costs here in London.

I have gone down every possible route to find other ways of raising money, I have had fundraisers and raffles and writing to family and friends. I am able to cover my fees through my DADA and the part time work that I have.
Unfortunately my parents are not able to fund me for living costs. They both work full time jobs back home in Scotland and also weekend jobs so that they can help me as much as possible with the remainder of my fees. For as long as I can remember they have gave me every last penny they have to help me in my journey. Acting means a lot to me and to be where I am now is a an absolute dream, a dream that I would be very saddened to have to give up because of money. I have worked so hard to get to where I am and it hasnt be easy for me or my parents so I hope that it can continue.

I have listed below the expenses that I am short of money for

Gas- £15
Electrify- £15
Water - £20
Internet - £10
Rent - £420
Books/scripts - £10

Total - £500 per calendar month

This course means everything to me, I have been and will keep doing everything in my power to continue my studies at ALRA and I would be completely and utterly devastated if I could not confuse my studies due to a shortfall in funds. Both me and my parents have saved up everything we could for years so that I would have money to start with , however money dose not last and the money we had saved has all been put towards my rent so far and my deposits on the house.

I would be so thankful and appreciative for any help that you can offer me. I cannot offer you anything financially in return, however I can offer you fast track tickets for any shows I am in and a monthly news letter updating you of my progress if you so wish.

Kind Regards


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