Dear sir/mam, I am using samsung mobile phones since 2010. I am one of – Lee KunHee email address

Ardamandeep singh swag sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

Dear sir/mam,
I am using samsung mobile phones since 2010. I am one of your good customer who believes in buying only samsung products on the name of quilty.
Now days I am using samsung A7. In end of january I submit my phone in the samsung service center due to problem in display. They took nearly 2 months to fix my display problem because they having part availbility. But I think so this is not customers mistake. This is company mistake. On 23 march when I just to service center to take my phone back. I askedthem do my phones extended warranty but the employes of service center told you are eligible for extended warranty because your phone warranty has been expired on 19 march. I told them that phone was with you from the last 2 month and they replied that sir this is not our hands you have to speak with our senior samsung officers or customer care. But no one is listening my request.
In the end I would like to request you to do my extended warranty because part was short with company. It was companys fault that they kept my phone in service center for 2 month. Company should appreciate my patience for such a long time I waited for.
So please provide me a extended warranty. I will be very thankful too you.

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