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Dear Sir,Please allow me to report to you my unpleasant experience with your Franchise – Martin Winterkorn email address

Abdelmaksoud sent a message to Martin Winterkorn CEO, Volkswagen Group – email address that said:

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to report to you my unpleasant experience with your Franchise in Egypt.
Firstly I bought my car ( Jate 2011)  (62.000 Kilo) from Alexandria franchise on 2014 with a check report indicating that the Motor and the Transmission are in good shape. After one year on 09/2015 I went to another franchise ( El Obour) to have a full check on my car and I was told that it needs an update for the Software which I agreed and paid for the required fees.
It really made me feel something is not right that after these examinations I was told this year on 09/2016 that the car needs inclusive maintenance with a cost of 5000.00 LE to install the Control which I did not object as long as it is for the benefit of the car. This check was to be done after one month.

But what was totally unacceptable is that after the month I was informed that the Air bag, Safety belts and the Mechatronic needed to be change with a charge of 47.000 LE which is a very exaggerated amount. In addition How come after only one year and the car had an inclusive maintenance that suddenly these things need change???????
Something went wrong with them at the Franchise, defiantly
I complained to the Chief. Engineer there- Wael, but he said if you don’t agree on the amount take your car from here, he even refused to give me his mobile number due to that I called them many times with no answer. As I understood there that the Engineers at the Franchise get a commission for any collected amount !!!!!

How could this be coming from such a brand like yours and I am not only talking about the negligence but also in the way of behavior which should reflect your standards.

Awaiting for your reply.


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