Dear Sirs, I write following dissatisfactory services from your department. I made a reservation to – Michael OLeary email address

Esther sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Sirs,

I write following dissatisfactory services from your department. I made a reservation to travel on the 23rd April 2016 to Malaga. I checked in online two days prior to travelling and attempted on numerous occasions to print out my boarding pass with no success. As such, I arrived at Stanstead airport on the day seeking to receive some assistance in this matter. I explained the situation to the advisor at the check in desk; I was passed from desk to desk and from person to person. This time waiting venture nearly resulted in a missed flight.

Eventually, an advisor from your customer services department showed up and she was adamant that I had not checked in hence my inability to obtain a boarding pass even though, I explained to her, I had a seat allocated for the flight. Therefore, she requested that I pay for the boarding pass to allow check in. She then changed my initial seat allocation. During our discussion, the advisor suggested that I had apparently checked in to return from Malaga however not to depart from London Stanstead which was highly impossible as I would be unable to check out if check in had not occurred.

I also advised the officer that I had seats allocated for both outbound and inbound journeys nonetheless she was adamant I had to make the payment. Given that any further delays at the counter will result in a missed flight I had to make the payment, In addition to above, on arrival at the final gate prior to boarding the flight I was advised that I was unable to take my hand luggage on aboard. According to the advisor Ryanair allow the fist 90 passengers to take their luggage on board. Again this information was not apparent on your website. As such I was unable to take usual precautions and this disaster resulted in the loss of my Valentino EDP 100ml perfume.

My return journey was met by the same boarding pass issues and a further 15Euro was also paid. I cannot express my frustration and disappointment with my experience of using this airline for the first time. I was so disgusted and ashamed by the level of poor services delivered. As an experienced traveller, I have received pleasant travelling experience and service from various airlines as such this experience was a real shock.

In view of above I seek to have a replacement of my perfume coupled with the charges at the airport.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


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