Dear sirsHope are all is okay with youi want you to also received information that – Helge Lund email address

fred sent a message to Helge Lund CEO, Statoil email address that said:

Dear sirs

Hope are all is okay with you

i want you to also received information that we are seriously looking
to sell locally collected and smelted Gold bars and nuggets..we have
plenty of Gold from D.R.CONGO at a
relatively fair price compared to outside market i have been trusting
Ugandans but they are not always transparent
you the buyers pay them and they dont pay us back in D r Congo.

So i got your contact hoping you can send us a Representative
we meet in Kampala to talk physically we figure out how you work with
us we create a relationship to liquidate the available gold bars and
nuggets from
Congo , am offering good relationship. once you accept to support and
we move this available Gold first to your country/or any country we can
sell ,

i will get means to move it into a safe bond in Uganda
Kampala where you inspect the gold free of charge and and then you
we go into one on one discussions to benefit you and us .

We can offer you a kilogram at 24,500 us dollars for our first
operations we will be selling you at the price of Congo .

we have now available over 725 kilograms

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