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Dear sirs
I Like to Express my Experience with Harley Davidson México. I Want to Buy A New Bike (my first), I Save Money, so I can buy it Cash, So I went to a Harley Davidson dealer, Harley Davidson Capital, in Mexico City.
I paid 50.000.00 pesos, in December 23,
2016 and 50,000.00 pesos
In December 27, 2016, in advance,
For A New V-Rod Muscle Bike, Black Denim.
In January 6, 2017 they give me the Vin Number 5HD1HPHC1HC801560,
In January 13, they give My Circulation Certificate and My
Licence Plate
At January 15, they tell me that the Motorcycle Has Arrived to the Harley Davidson Capital Store, so I went to see it, but I went in the afternoon, so that the Mechanical Workshop are close but I see the bike, thru a Glass Window, V-Rod Muscle, Black Denim, They told me that They are doing the ultimate details to The Final Delivery, So They Told Me to Come in a Week.
So You Send Me A H.O.G. Membership………..
I go January 20, 2017, to the Harley Davidson Capital Store, And there are no Harley Davidson Capital Store…………
The Agency Are Closed, with No bikes, No clothes, No Employees……No nothing,………..
What Can I Do Sirs? I Want My Bike, but by Another Harley Davidson Dealer Knew that That Bike is No Longer Avialable, What Happened to You Sirs…What Can I Do?
I Wanna Know right Now.!
I Want My Bike…!!!!

Respectfully Yours
Juan Carlos Calanchini, Architect
52 55 22725983
ernesto elorduy 43

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