Dear Sir,Unfortunately I purchased a Samsung product yesterday. Yesterday I planned to purchase a – Lee KunHee email address

Bharti sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately I purchased a Samsung product yesterday.

Yesterday I planned to purchase a new refrigerator for my house. Having already decided to purchase a LG refrigerator (depending on online reviews about their products and service quality ) I went to Sargam Electronics, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi to purchase one.

Unfortunately there I was convinced by a Samsung salesman to purchase a Samsung product. More unfortunately probably I forgot all the negative reviews that I has read about Samsung services I got trapped to purchase a Samsung product.

Below is the story how all it went:

Having been already unfortunately trapped to purchase a Samsung refrigerator instead of a LG I clearly mentioned to the sales guy  that I do not want a demonstration piece delivered at my house. He told me that this is the only piece he has right now and a fresh piece was impossible to get today.

I humbly wanted to leave the store having decided to come back on next non- working day.

Rascal told me to wait for five minutes and five minutes later he came back and promised me to get a fresh piece delivered later in the evening. Having doubly taken a promise to get a fresh piece delivered I made the payment and left.

Later in the evening at 4:30 I called Rascal to enquire about the delivery. (I had planned to take my family out for Sunday and I wanted to check the exact delivery time). He told me that he will check with the delivery team and get back to me. Which he never did. After 30 minutes I called again and the same story continied twice more. Next when I called him his phone was switched off.

I got up and especially went back to the showroom. I met Rascal there and told me to wait. After 30 minutes he came to me and told me that delivery of a fresh piece was not possible and ' YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL TOMORROW, WHAT CAN I DO NOW. I told him about his false promises but he was a hard nut. I reminded him that he cheated me by getting the payment processed....he shamelessly smiled.

I returned home with a fresh promise to get the product delivered next day in the evening.

To my horror today at 2pm a person from Samsung visited my house to give the product demonstration. He visited the billing address though we clearly mentioned that our billing and delivery address were different.

Since afternoon today I followed (we have to call him thrice before he answers the call) up with Rascal to get the fresh piece delivered today. At 8pm in the night today we were delivered the product and to our horror we were delivered a demonstration piece.

I could not stop my tears coming out.

My husband tried to contact Rascal but he was a hard nut with no emotions. A perfect Samsung salesman.

We have returned the product now. Do not need it anymore.

With folded hands sir, I request you to please get our order cancelled and please return our hard earned money. Me and my family cannot bear this anymore.

And if you can please please please kick out salesman like Rascal out of your team.

Thanking you

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