Dear Spectrum, I write to you and do not want to create anymore issues than – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Johanna F. Amaya sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge - Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Dear Spectrum,

I write to you and do not want to create anymore issues than what Spectrum/Charter/Time Warner has created.

Received my bill yesterday and was astonished to see all the erroneous overcharges on the bill. I have only been with Spectrum for only 3 weeks and most of those weeks have been a constant headache.

First, I paid the original $99.00 installation fee and partial months $46.91 first months fee for internet and phone, total $145.97, even though my phone was not working properly and my voicemail not working at all. I still paid it anyway!

The reason I went over to Spectrum was because of the offer for business package totaling $99.97. Business TV $24.99, Business Internet $44.99 and Business Voice #29.99. The bill is received yesterday is for totals listed.

Business TV $56.97 (Cable TV was shut down approximately 1 week upon installation) We did not get the package we originally ordered and waiting for install and fix issues took to long. We decided to go elsewhere.

Business Phone $59.98 (Business phone was installed but never activated) This took over 9 hours of constant calling to reconcile and the phone still is not working.

Business Internet $49.98 (Internet was set up, but what ever your technician did on my brand new computer took HP Service approximately 1 day to figure out and reconfigure)

Other charges $7.50 (Other charges?) What are other charges???

Partial months charges $63.74 (Question? Why on earth an I being charged partial monthly fee when I already paid for the previous month?????

Taxes, Fees and Charges $6.84 (Again. Why on earth am I being charged taxes, fees and charges when I paid for the previous month????

Total bill received $179.04

The last adjusted bill was for $145.91, but Spectrum is still showing total from previous month $178.97, plus one of the credits of $99.00 you had promised for install credit.

I am not sure how much farther my new business can withstand the complete disregard to my business and customers.

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