Dear Steve Easterbrook, My name is Asaf , I live in Israel and I am – Steve Easterbrook email address

Asaf sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonald’s – email address that said:

Dear Steve Easterbrook,

My name is Asaf, I live in Israel and I am a father to two wonderful children.
I think your food is great worldwide and lately, there is a healthy lifestyle trend which I think is blessed.
I think you as a world fast food leader can revolutionize the way French fries are made by utilizing smart and healthier cooking devices. I would like to give you as an example: the Tefal  ActiFry cooking device which needs only one spoon of oil to make fries. Of course, I am not suggesting you to use this brand and I know you would need an industrial device for each restaurant but, I think using this French fries cooking concept will reduce your cooking oil usage and will crown you as the true healthy fast food brand.
I think the consumer will appreciate this and you as a company would certainly benefit!
Thank you very much,

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