Dear Toyoda san Kirolskarji I am addressing this mail directly to you and your Indian – Akio Toyoda email address

Himanshu Pathak sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

Dear Toyoda san Kirolskarji

I am addressing this mail directly to you and your Indian partneras your family name is associated with the worlds largest automaker and the family you are associated in India has made the country proud time and again for over a century and quarter.

Ever since I had seen Etios Liva at a Toyota exhibition early in Jan 2011 at Mumbai had wished to get one, and am privileged to have a petro one parked in our portico since June 2013.

Over the past 4 years or so have clocked nearly 35,000 km of which more than 99% miles it has been single hand driven.

It is a beautifully built car meeting the Quality Revolution, that Toyota intends to always, and appeals Lets go places all the time without showing any sign of fatigue.

Thanks to the unique downward design of the exhaust outlet was able to make the car wade across a river crossing in one go and not even a single water drop was observed inside the cabin.

The only glitch Ive faced though is from the service support, not once, twice but three times of which once was when had subscribed to the smile package. Both the other times when requested a service call was told that the vehicle is out of smile package so pay first and then we shall take action. Quite and up handed approach Id say.

The vehicle is now nearing 4 years from date of purchase and has clocked 8,000 km since last servicing.

The above incidences have set me thinking whether to put the vehicle for servicing at Toyota service centre or to get itdone at any service provider to get it restored to as near new condition as possible to get small scratches and dents that crop up in bumper to bumper traffic even after driving with utmost care.

Look forward to reply from your end.

Himanshu Pathak

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