Dear, We are IDJE&C – a construction company from Vietnam. I believe with the – David Brandon email address

Michelle sent a message to David Brandon – chief executive officer of Toys “R” Us- email address that said:

Dear, We are IDJEC - a construction company from Vietnam. I believe with the boosting development of Toys R Us, you might need to have more space to build up factories, meeting the dramatic raise of demand. Vietnam is believed to be the ideal destination for apparel manufacturing, with great support from Government, huge land source, low tax and cheap wage for workers. For such reasons, I would like to suggest you to consider Vietnam as the production base for Toys R Us, for greater expansion in future.
We IDJEC offer various services including consulting, engineering, designing, constructing, furnishing and promotion investment. We are confident to provide you anything that you need to setup factory in Vietnam, or also stores, apartments, complex, etc.
If you are interested,We are always available for you.

It would be our honor to service a huge name like Adidas.

Have a nice day and we are looking forward to your response.

Kind regards.

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