Dearest Mr. Warren: My name is Saul and i recently joined the Stripes family on – Kelcy Warren email address

Saul  sent a message to Kelcy Warren – Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Energy Transfer Partners, L. P. Email Address that said:

Dearest Mr. Warren:

My name is Saul and i recently joined the Stripes family on November 22,2016 as a Restaurant Associate.
I did some research on the company and came up to a couple of questions. Why is a business that has over 700 stores and a revenue of almost 6 Billion, pay their employees an extra 25 cents after a 90 days evaluation (which i Will get)? Second is having more stores makes someone for success?
Mr. Warren being "Rich" or being " Successful is a state of mind not a destination!
I am making $8 an hr and one day I Will be supervising a couple of stores!
I have been in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years but i decided i wanted a career not just a job, so I gave Stripes a chance.
Its going to be hard to support my family with what i am making now but I will make it work to where i can put food in the table and keep the lights on.
Since i started with Stripes, while working the line iI have had 3 different employers offer me better paying jobs just as i was preparing their meals!
By no means am I asking Stripes for more money and dont plan to even though my smile to the custermers and service to them says a lot about me, but I am a natural born Leader and Will work my way up and supervise a couple of stores in the future.
You see Mr. Warren being "Rich or being " Sucessfull" is a state of mind, not a destination! In other words if I am not happy with what I have today, then chances are I Will truely Never be happy! This way of thinking is what i would like for every employee at Stripes and Laredo Taco Company carves in their head and they Will be happier and a happier empoyee produces more on the job, not just getting more work done but most important being the Best Server to the customers.
Please don't mention this message to my supervisor or any of my co- workers for they did not have Any part in this message.
I take full responsibility for my actions!


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