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December 18th2016 I was finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping and I seen – Kevin Mansell email address

Wendy sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

December 18th 2016 I was finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping and I seen your ad online that order would arrive on or before dec24th so I placed an order. I carefully check before I order to make sure I get the order on time which I totally trusted your online ad. This morning I decided to check the transaction order as I did the same with my other orders that I placed the same day and kohls order was the only one that said it would be arriving December 28th the order was in Ontario as of this morning!!! Amazon, jcpennys and American Eagle orders I also placed on the December 18th will be arriving on time by the 24th but not kohl!! This is a Christmas gift and now I won't be able to give it Christmas Day because of your false advertisement!! I will be sending the order back because now I have to go look for another gift and I will be closing out my acct also I'll be getting the word out there!! You should be ashamed for getting people to fall for your bs false advertise which is a promise you all can't keep!!

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