December 21, 2015 I have been a customer of Sears over 30 years and so have my parents, and extended – Edward Lampert email address

Myra sent a message to Edward Lampert  Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings  Email Address that said:

December 21, 2015

cott Lampert Management Team:

I have been a customer of Sears over 30 years and so have my parents, and extended family. I have bought several large appliances, extended warranties, home furnishings, and electronics. You name it I’ve bought it from Sears. But it all ends today!

Out of all these years of patronizing your company, this is the worst customer service of my life. It is the worst case of incompetence and callousness and of your employees in Puerto Rico. They should all be fired, starting with the store manager, supervisor and technician!

I brought my Craftsman lawn mower for maintenance service to the Sears Parts and Repair center on 9-4-2015, located in CARR 169 KM6.7 BO CAMARON GUAYNABO, PR, 00969. The rechargeable battery would not charge or turn on manually. I started to inquire on 10/6/2015 to find out what was wrong. I called the number on my warranty certificate. The representative told me that parts had been ordered and they were waiting. I explained that I could not let the grass grow wild on my property because of the community ordinances, which I was now paying someone to cut the grass.

I am annoyed because absolutely, no one called me to let me know about the parts, or to tell me they needed more time!

I called again the same number and they told me that I should call the Repair Center direct. I called . After calling over fifty times, because no one picks up, someone finally answered the phone. Her name was Muraty. She stated that her supervisor was out to lunch, that she would return the call as soon as she got back. I am still waiting for the call! I have called over one hundred times! I live in the middle of the island (Caguas) and cannot get to the Guaynabo because I work for a living! I do not want to take a day off, drive all the way there, and find out the lawn mower is not ready.

I decided to call Sears Corporate office in Puerto Rico , on 11/19/2015 and it turns out they only handle large appliances! The representative gave me another number to call, which has to do with Protection Agreements.

I am pissed off because every two weeks I have to pay someone to cut my lawn, because Sears has failed to repair my lawn mower and has failed to answer my calls or even bother to call me. Eight times I have paid for a gardener; 8 X $65.00 = $520.00 I could have freaking bought a new one!!!!!!

I explained this to the Representative at Protection Agreements and I stated if you can’t fix it, then simply honor the warranty and replace it! Or simply give me a loaner to cut the grass while I wait. She verified my account and stated that apparently the parts that arrived on 10/6/2015 were the wrong parts and they are now waiting on new parts. I then ask to speak with a supervisor of hers and the supervisor offers me $50.00! That this is all she authorized to give me and that she doesn’t handle small items. She even tried calling the Repair Center herself and no answer. She told me to go in person or keep calling them.

I am so upset you have no idea. Why haven'€™t they called me? Why didn'€™t they notify they needed parts? Why didn't they notify the wrong parts came in and they need yet more time? Why didn'€™t they offer me a loaner? Why can't they answer the Repair Center'€™s phone? Why can't Sears honor my protection warranty after so long?

I have to abide community ordinances; I cannot let the grass grow up to the roof waiting on you guys and I refuse to use my Sears credit card. I want my lawn mower or a replacement.

As CEO, you should try calling these numbers and find out for yourself how far you can get as a customer in trying to resolve an issue at the Repair Center in Guaynabo. As a matter of fact why don’t you pay a surprise visit and fly to Puerto Rico and observe them from a far? Or hire yourself as a new employee and see what really goes on in your shop. I dare you to take extreme action.

I want my warranty credit so I can replace the lawn mower ASAP.

I am a single mom and this is a hardship for me.



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