December 27, 2017Dear Mr. Meyer,I hope this holiday season treated you well. In the – James Meyer email address

Meg sent a message to James E. Meyer CEO, Sirius XM Radio Inc. email address that said:

December 27, 2017

Dear Mr. Meyer,
I hope this holiday season treated you well.
In the past month I have received no less than thirty calls from sirius to subscribe after the trial that came with my vehicle ends. The calls even come from a number that has been spoofed, which means I cannot call it back.
Number that shows on caller ID is 614-412-7172

In the state of Ohio more than 3 unwanted calls in one day is harassment. Sirius has by far out done themselves.
It is absurd that I keep telling sirius staff that I am not interested, cannot afford it, and do not even use the service that still exists in my trail.

This service has now done more harm than any good for my family.

Based on the salary and bonuses I highly doubt this will impact you in any way shape nor form.
However, the state attorney general in Ohio has an issue with the way that myself and others have been treated, harassed by sirius staff to sign up after the trial ends.

Absolutely no one on the staff has apologized nor offered to remove me from the call list.

I suggest that further action is needed from the top to resolve this with out more embarrassment being brought to sirius as a company.
I would also suggest that over 5 letters in one month, not counting email-which goes to spam, is also a bit much. Had I not thrown away each except the one from yesterday in the garbage I would mail them all directly to your office in NYC.
Calls to the NYC office, requested I speak with someone on the legal team, gets put on hold and then least 6 times. Then goes to customer service.
number called: 212-584-5100

Please, take the time to get this company in line and at least NOT harass subscribers.
What has been happening is simply unacceptable. I would imagine that in building this company to what it has become-harassment of clients isnt on any list.

I highly doubt that you will even get this however if you do, I suggest action is needed and quickly.

Thank you in advance for anything that can be done to resolve this from happening to another family.

Columbus, Oh

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