@delta – Richard Anderson – Dear Mr. Bastain, As a most loyal Delta customer with over a million miles flown

Diana Domenica Bruno sent a message to Richard Anderson that said:

Dear Mr. Bastain,

As a most loyal Delta customer with over a million miles flown, I need your assistance.

DL 6659 to Rome as noted below was canceled.

I have tried to resolve the new flight arrangements on numerous occasions after I received an email from Delta informing me of the cancelation.

On July 1, 2021 in the Sky Room at LAX the desk was kind enough to put me through to a ticket agent. After speaking with 3 agents my issue was still not resolved.

As a side note when I mentioned that I fly Delta because of the outstanding customer service .. I was told ticketing is not customer service ….customer service was if I wanted to order a drink onboard a flight. Also, if I did not like the service I could cancel my flight with Delta and book on another airline..This was from a supervisor.

My ticket was changed without an opportunity for me to assist with the selection of my new flight arrangement .. providing a long layover in Atlanta before boarding my flight to Rome.

With all of that said… I am booked to fly from Atlanta to Rome, Delta One and I am unable to select one of the two available seats as a pop-up shows the seat is unavailable.

My request is that I am confirmed in a specific Delta One seat. It would be disappointing to arrive in Atlanta with more than a 6 hours layover and be told that a Delta One seat was not available.

Please, do what you can for me …and all other business flyers who are loyal to Delta ..because of the outstanding customer service.

Trust that I hear from you soon.

Best, Diana Domenica Bruno

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