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Gillian Campbell sent a message to Frank Appel that said:

Dear Dr Frank Appes (Chief Executive Officer DHL)

We write to you as a last resort.

My name is Gillian Campbell and I own a small business in Portugal.

We ordered a product from Colourbyte (a company in the UK) on 27th March 2018 and it was "delivered" to us on 3rd April 2018.
However, it was NOT delivered to us, even though it was signed for by someone called Neusa Guerreiro.
There is a huge confusion regarding this situation as N. Guerreiro (25km from my address) was also expecting a delivery from DHL.

On the central system of DHL in Lisbon, the computer declares I have received the package. I have NOT.
I have been calling DHL since 6th April, every day to no avail. Every day the operator tells me someone will call me back.
No one does. Yesterday I managed to speak with a manager who said he would call me back yesterday afternoon or this morning, but of course nothing happens.

I have clients waiting for their orders which I cannot full fill because of the inefficiency of DHL.
The Portuguese management of DHL is completely unsatisfactory, unprofessional and not fit for purpose.
I would very much appreciate a response URGENTLY to my email gillianacampbell@gmail.com from you.

Best regards
Gillian Campbell

PS I know we are a small cog in a very large wheel which DHL does not value!

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