@dickc – Dick Costolo – Attn: Jack Dorsey Good morning, I saw this article and wanted to reach out to

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Attn: Jack Dorsey
Good morning,
I saw this article and wanted to reach out to you:

Pittsburgh launches ‘guaranteed income’ program with Jack Dorsey donation

I appreciate people like you who are taking actions to try to address some very real problems in our country. I really liked that your project is going to work with data and research to try to nail down measurable metrics.

I just self published my second novella, which includes some research I have done on fatherless families. I am white yet I happen to come from a fatherless family (he was a Vietnam vet and he abandoned us). Turns out my mom also abandoned me as she was so broken by the humiliation that she wanted me to take care of her. I am not sharing this to try to get empathy, sympathy or money.

That said, not to act like I am full of myself but given I come from a broken home that then became one of poverty, some of my lessons and experiences as shared in my very inexpensive e book might offer some helpful perspectives or considerations in your Pittsburgh Project.

Mariposa Oracle: The Mirror by Trisha Barry

I saw that you meditate a lot. I relied on meditation (and prayer) to help guide my words. I deleted some things that I found to be true but that I thought would be too explosive. So I removed them as I didn't want the overall effort to be rejected out of too many challenging details.

Sending you the kindest regards and a big thank you for stepping out to try to help.
Trisha Barry

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