@dickc – Dick Costolo – What took you so long? Thank you for finally showing that twitter might have a

Irene Wright sent a message to Dick Costolo that said:

What took you so long?

Thank you for finally showing that twitter might have a conscience and a spine after years of allowing a toxic corrupt liar and criminal free rein on your site to spout all kinds of ridiculous and dangerous ideas and information.

I have chosen to avoid having a twitter account because of the untrue, misleading, ugly and irresponsible postings of the corrupt "president" and others. You have already contributed to untold injustices, pain and death by allowing him to advance his ideas about Covid 19, the excuses and attacks around his impeachment, the encouragement of dangerous and illegal acts like protesting against masks, social distancing and the closings.

I know that monitoring and policing such a vast and unwieldy platform must be nearly impossible, but that is no excuse not to make an effort to do so, especially with the most egregious violator, Trump. You have allowed and encouraged this malicious, poisonous influential voice to be heard above all others. He has had a devastating affect on truth and decency, and on democracy itself.

You have now done the absolute minimum. It is about time!

There must be things you can do. Limit the number of tweets allowed per day? If necessary, shut him out for a few days. That would not censorship, it would be citizenship.

If you have to close twitter down to stop him, so be it. You are already rich. Start another platform with some rules and punishment for abuses, and take your workers with you.

Thanks for putting your toe in the waters of justice and fairness. Come on in, the water is fine.


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