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Hi Mr. Stack,
I am at my wits end with your customer service department and I am not sure where to turn within your organization to get an issue resolved. My daughter is 15 years old and she received a $75 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods from a relative as a Christmas gift. She tried to purchase a pair of sneakers online and the card states invalid. I have taken it to a local store and they show that it has a $75 balance, but when they try to run it for purchase, it states invalid. We have been on the phone with your customer service numerous times, the local store manager also called, and they claim the card has a hold on it but they can't tell us why. The store tried to cash it out so they could issue a new card, but the system will not allow that due to the hold. I am extremely frustrated with this as it seems like there should be a simple fix. Your employees in customer service have not been very understanding and have made promises that were not fulfilled. I am happy with the local store employees but they are limited when it comes to gift cards. I have had suggestions from neighbors to take this to our local news channel to have their consumer assistance reporters approach Dick's. I thought that I would try this first to see if it might be possible to find a resolution without involving an outside entity. I would truly appreciate any assistance that you might be able to provide.
Thank you,
Jim Mangham

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