@DICKS – Edward Stack – To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to thank Dicks Sporting Goods for the opportunity

Caitlyn Harred sent a message to Edward Stack that said:

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to thank Dicks Sporting Goods for the opportunity I've been given to work here. I also wanted to thank my Managers Victoria and Sandy for being great to me and being understanding about my situation. I am beyond thankful for this job and the people I've met here. I really learned a lot about the world of retail and the money I've earned not only helped me but my family. I wanted to thank all of my co-workers for being a huge help in the toughest situations. I know that sometimes things don't always work out as planned but they have watched my back and backed me up when I needed an extra hand. Last but not least I want to thank Darenda for helping me when I first got hired on and being there when I didn't understand the question. I really appreciate her hard work and dedication to making the best employees.
Unfortunately due to school being my biggest priority at this time, I will need to say my farewell. I have dual credit classes in the spring and high school classes starting on the 20th of August. Since I am tendering my resignation I wanted to make you aware of some issues that have detracted me from my experience at Dicks Sporting Goods. My direct supervisor has, on more than one occasion, has been discourteous to me and other Dicks Sporting Goods associates. In addition, in spite of having provided Eric with adequate notice that I needed to be off for several days in late August, Eric scheduled me to work anyway. In addition and most importantly, In violation in of federal child labor laws I was scheduled to work 8 hours but Eric insisted that I work 9 hours on August 11th.
In conclusion, I wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to work for Dicks Sporting Goods. In spite of the harassment and discourteous treatment my experience at Dicks Sporting Goods was generally positive.


Caitlyn Harred

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