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Warren Glover sent a message to Edward W Stack that said:

Dear Mr Stack,
My name is Warren Glover and I am a loyal customer of Dicks. In December I purchased a thread-mill as a Christmas present for my daughter and was told several weeks later that it could not be delivered installed and until February 2018. I waited and the thread-mill was delivered but pieces were missing. It took several weeks for the company to pick it up. I then received a second one but the person did not know how to install it. It has now sat in my house until now. I have called three times and spoke to 3 different people. The first told me that I refused delivery which is inaccurate because I have the thread-mill. Once confirmed I was promised that someone would contact me to set it up. Another week went by and I spoke to a second person who apologized and told me that she saw the notes in the computer and would make sure that someone came to put the thread-mill together. That did not happen. I then received a call from another person last Friday who told me that the records indicated that I refused delivery, back to square one. I HAVE THE THREAD-MILL. I explained the problem and she told me that she would contact me today. This past Saturday I received a message indicating that the company was sorry and someone would refund my purchase prize only after they were able to pick-up the thread-mill and returned it to their warehouse. Later Saturday evening I received another email from someone else indicating that they were sorry for what has happened and that they would like to help me. Your computers message system should contain all of the call and message information. Most importantly I paid for a thread-mill to be delivered and installed and I have pieces laying around my living room without a box. I am totally disgusted. I have asked four times for your email so that I could contact you and no one would give it to me. Up until now I have been a loyal customer throughout the years as I have purchased many items for sports teams that I have coached and for my children and family. I don't even know what to say or do at this point. each time I communicate with someone I am told incorrect information and they bring me back to square one telling me that I refused DELIVERY for a threat- mill that is IN MY house. All I wanted was to give my daughter a present for Christmas. It's April 23, 2018 and I just have pieces laying around the room. I would appreciate it if they could do something, anything.

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