Dieter Zetsche – Dear Mr Zetsche, I have been driving Mercedes S Classes since 2004. My first S

Jai Singh Johal sent a message to Dieter Zetsche that said:

Dear Mr Zetsche,

I have been driving Mercedes S Classes since 2004.
My first S Class was a S500 LWB W140 1997 model.
In the 11 years I owned this car it only had 5 jobs carried out under the warranty I had taken out at the time. The warranty jobs were not detrimental to the car, basically they were easily rectifiable.
I purchased in January 2016 another Mercedes S Class LWB W221 2006 model, and I part exchanged my previous model for this one. In my truthful opinion the Mercedes S Classes that I have driven are the most luxurious cars on the road. Unfortunately the present one that I have owned has gone more times into the garage for repairs and I would have never thought that it would have gone in this number of times, which is disappointing. If I had not had a warranty on this vehicle it would have cost me the same or more for what I paid for the car at the time of purchase. The warranties which I have had to pay for after the initial one that I had with car has covered most things when repairs were carried out. All the repairs have been undertaken by a Mercedes Dealership in the West Midlands, England. This does not mean that I will not purchase another S Class, because when you have driven one you just feel like not changing, although my family and friends are trying to convince me too. The reason being they have witnessed the amount of times my Mercedes has gone in for repair and the contributions of finance I have had to make towards any repair costs and are advising me to change to another manufacturing vehicle. this is not me being negative it has been more of an disappointment for what I have had to go through in a short space of time and the number of visits and repairs on my Mercedes.
I know you are a busy Gentlemen, but I look forward to hearing from you via email, which has been provided. In the meantime I like to wish You and all your team of Mercedes Benz all the best. Have a great Christmas and All the Best for the Year 2020.

Kind regards


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