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Dear Mr. White
I am writing because I have a serious issue with my service, and I cannot get any of the usual service personnel to help. I have talked to at least 9 so far for at least 3-4 hours to no avail. The problem is simply this: The new formatted DTV screen interface is a giant step backwards in that it is unreadable and much harder to use to obtain information. I have excellent 20-15 eyesight and I cannot read the print on the screen without squinting or getting up and moving close to the screen. The font is very small and very high contrast brightness so characters blend together. Information about a showing requires more steps to obtain, and then when it is finally there it is not readable. My guide, lists, and other information is unusable. Simply put, your engineering update is a bust and you need to go back to where you were or start over. I am an engineer myself and this interface does not appear fixable. I talked to DTV service people in the US and in the Philippines and was very disappointed. First they told me they had a lot of complaints like mine. Then they followed that with a statement it can’t be fixed or it will be fixed but we don’t know when. One woman even told me to get used to it. Only one person was willing to give me a corporate contact (ATT 210-821-4105 ??) so I got your email address on the web. The service people did everything but help me. Now I understand some bean counter in the Philippines knows nothing about display engineering or any engineering decisions, but I told them I knew that and that I wanted to speak to someone in a position of authority. No way was that going to happen—they just lie and tell me there is no way to do that. Just pure fabrication probably because they were told it was company policy to refuse me—I hope not but I fear that is so.. The one thing all of the service agents had in common was poor understanding of the DTV service and a lack of ability to refer me to anyone that did have knowledge and authority. That is totally unsatisfactory, so there we are. A prompt response to this email by yourself or a capable and knowledgeable staff member is requested. Contact data is below--I am not concerned about this information but only that I get a response.
Thank you
Harold R Scheibe
15536 Machodoc Dr
King George, VA 22485
Phone: 540-663-3457
Email: scheibeh@hughes.net
Account: 2802930

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