@directv – Michael White – Account # 23076973 I was ready to cancel my accounts with not only Direct TV

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Account # 23076973

I was ready to cancel my accounts with not only Direct TV but my AT &T accounts as well. If you review my Direct TV account I have spent several hours in the course of several months on the phone trying to correct an on going problem of my automatic payment. Each month I have given a new credit card number and have been assured everything was updated and taken care of. Each month I receive an email stating my credit card has been denied. Today I spent approximately two and a half hours on the phone between Direct TV and AT & T. I assumed the problem had been corrected but decided I wanted to cancel my account with Direct TV as I was so angry. I was given a number by AT&T and I got Agent #LM880V. She listened to me rant( she was respectful, professional and courteous) and went beyond what any other agent has done to resolve my issues. If it wasn’t for her I would have canceled my account.
I appreciate what Agent #LM880V accomplished for me, verified everything went through and her do diligence to solve my issues. It is a shame more of your agents aren’t like her.
I took the time to write and praise her as a customer of Direct TV I personally feel she should be recognized by your company for her outstanding professionalism, her courtesy, her kindness and her ability to research and solve a customer’s problem. I hope you’ll take the time to credit her for representing your company as she has.

Clyde Johnson

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