@directv – Michael White – Dear Mr. White, As a subscriber of DirectTv for over 20 years, I am writing

andrew miller sent a message to Michael White that said:

Dear Mr. White, As a subscriber of DirectTv for over 20 years, I am writing to you because of the lack of service I have been receiving .
In April of 2020 I called with a problem, was told it could not be corrected remotely, and that I was entitled to an upgrade based on the age of my equipment An appointment was made for June 10th.
On June 9th I received a text moving the appointment to the 11th. Then on the 11th I received a text moving it to the 12, again on the 12, it was moved to the 13, then the time was changed and then no one arrived. I called and was told that now a tech needed to come an physically examine the equipment before they could remedy the problem. We are now supposed to have an appointment on the 23rd. I have rearranged my schedule numerous times, but your company has not lived up to my expectations. This condition cannot continue. Many calls to customer service only provide other levels of frustration. I am sure that is not what you want for your customers.
I am well aware of the extraneous issues with home service, the pandemic, and the fact that I live on and island that has certain travel restrictions, but that does in no way forgive the lack of respect and service that I am entitled to as a long standing customer. Please have someone in authority contact me to explore a workable solution before I have to change my service. Thank you, Andrew Miller.

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