@directv – Michael White – Good Day, My name is Derron Maxwell I was a Directv customer for several years

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Good Day,

My name is Derron Maxwell I was a Directv customer for several years, before leaving to go to Spectrum about 6 months ago; due to bill constantly going up and up monthly. I was loyal for many years to Directv, but left because of all the issues with my service and bill. Back in December I was contacted by the “Win back” team of AT&T/ Directv. They offered me and my family a package that we couldn’t refuse, as listed below, unfortunately they never showed up on the scheduled installation date I called and was extremely upset. During that call I was rescheduled to 26 December (which they did show up for), the customer service rep said that she would give me an additional 100 dollar Visa AT&T reward card for my inconvenience(in addition to the 200 dollar visa reward card I had in my below package). I have yet to receive that 200 visa reward card, the 100 dollar card was mailed a few days ago. I called tonight and was told that they do not see where I was to get a 200 dollar card. Obviously, I am upset and feel lied too, especially since I have documented email confirming the 200 Visa. I attached the screenshot of the confirmed 100 Visa card from the AT&T rewards website. I’m not sure if I’m reaching out to the right people or not, but I truly am regretting coming back to Directv. Poor professionalism and lying to LOYAL CUSTOMERS, is not a good business practice. If someone would please look into this and contact me, I WOULD TRULY APPRECIATE IT. My cell number is 717-386-8496.

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