@discover – David Nelms – 7 years ago my husband became ill and lost his job after his employer cancelled

Denise Anderson sent a message to David Nelms that said:

7 years ago my husband became ill and lost his job after his employer cancelled his health insurance. We were forced to quit paying you through no fault of our own. 2 years ago, you sent me a 1099 & I paid taxes in full. 1-20-20 I received a letter dated 12-19-19 from Asha Davis, ph 800-347-5342 demanding we sign & return replacement W-9's. I called & spoke to a female named Devon on 1-2-2020 asking why I was being asked to provide this info, she was to get back to me within 5 business days. She did not do so. My husband died 1-28-15, so it is immaterial that you do not have his ss #. You have mine correct, so I am not signing & returning a form you have no need of at this point. I do not owe you anything since I paid the taxes. I am retired, the IRS knows my husband is deceased. Why did your employee waste your time harassing me for information you already have? I want an explanation. If I do not get one, I am filing a complaint with the Washington State A. G. & referring this matter to my attorney. I want a written apology. Devon should have known why this form was sent to me when I contacted her & she should have followed up. Her direct line is 614-283-1464. As far as I am concerned, both Asha Davis & Devon are worthless employees & should both be terminated. The form they are asking me to return has a certification on it, threats of federal withholding (when in fact you are sending me no money) and threats of incarceration & penalties. I have already paid the ultimate penalty---my husbands death, and I have paid taxes on what I owed you in full. I am not about to certify something I do not understand. I WANT AN ANSWER FROM YOU PERSONALLY , mR. hOCHSCHILD.

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