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@discover – David Nelms – Dear Sir: A few weeks ago after heart surgery I applied for a personal loan

Ronald E Ardino sent a message to David Nelms that said:

Dear Sir:
A few weeks ago after heart surgery I applied for a personal loan. Previously this year I paid off a #12000.00 discover loan with the only issues being hospitalized four times for heart ablation and pneumonia and a stent. My dedication to paying my bills has been exemplary under the most difficult of circumstances. My medical bills have consumed my credit cards due to many out of network Drs and a hospital 200 miles from my network hmo.
For over 50 years I’ve maintained a higher than average credit score and current trans union of 772 and equifax of 769 and experian772. I fell behind one mortgage payment due to excessive fees on credit cards for medical as you are aware of the ludicrous interest rates and I’ve caught up on everything except that mortgage payment and I’m working with creditor as we speak to try to get current.
My reason for this note is to explain what I was told by personal loan dept as to why I was refused. Income to debt ratio, reported late payment on home and balances on my cards. Dear sir if I could combine the high interest payments with a loan I would actually have a far lower interest rate ,one payment, and be current on home plus have a positive cash flow. I truly wish someone could intercede on my behalf just by considering the previous $12000 loan I paid to you on time.
I’m sinking in high interest payments and still maintaining a credit score higher than 85%of Americans. Please look into my history And my payment record and help to reconsider your decision of rejecting me. There are people of honor who go without and I’ve done it for some time now to stay current and restore my good name
Ronald Ardino

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