@discover – David Nelms – Hello. I am extremely frustrated. Beginning in June of 2015, an ex of mine took

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Hello. I am extremely frustrated. Beginning in June of 2015, an ex of mine took a picture of my discover card while he was visiting with our daughter and proceeded to pay his cell phone bill through Sprint for a year and a half. WE WERE NOT TOGETHER AT THAT POINT! I was carrying a high balance and working to pay it down and was not even using my card and kept it on my dresser. After a year and a half of hefty payments and little effect on the balance I finally noticed in October of 2016. I immediately called Discover to report the fraud and they said it was Sprints issue. I got somewhere with them for a little but when my ex closed his account with them they stopped even entertaining a phone call. I went back to Discover a little while ago for help since your automated message when you are put on hold says I am never responsible for fraudulent activity. He stole my card number and used it without my knowledge. Is that not fraud? I want all the charges from Sprint off of my account. And you should take down that message that Im never responsible because Discover deemed that as not fraud because I didn't report it that way immediately. I explained that I tried a few times to do that and was told to call Sprint. So I trusted what Discover told me and did just that. Now you're telling me I'm responsible??? Unacceptable. What kind of BS company are you running? Now I have to do a bunch of running around and hire a lawyer I can't afford and put my daughter through watching a nasty court battle. Great job.

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