@dish – Charlie Ergen – I am a customer at dish net work. I was told I had to switch

Joanne sent a message to Charlie Ergen that said:

I am a customer at dish net work. I was told I had to switch from my dual dish because it was fazed out to the hopper and joey combo. My dish network bill went up from $93.00 to $119.00. Initially my dual dishes needed to be replaced as they were malfunctioning. I agreed to the hopper because I was told I had no other choice. Then there was some promotion of which I knew nothing of supposedly for 2 years. So now my bill went up to $135.00 per month. Now this month it is $155.00 according to some other promotion I knew nothing of and customer service is telling me its going up again next month for another $5.00 and that makes my bill $160.00 per month. I am not getting any answers to my satisfaction. I am hoping you can clarify some of my confusion as customer service is not able to do that for me. If I get no where than my only other choice is to switch my services elsewhere. I have always liked dish network and felt as though I was being treated fairly and with respect and courtesy but not anymore. I predict you will be loosing more customers in the near future. If you can clarify some of my concerns please let me know. Is it possible you customer service is scamming customers?

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