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Mr. Carlson,
After 12 years with Directv, I decided to switch to Dish. I do not switch just to switch. I found Dish had more to offer at a better price, so I switched. I have a 65 inch Samsung SUHD, paid $3000 f9r 4 years ago. Beautiful picture. The Dish installer even commented on how nice it was. When he was installing wiring, he manhandled the tv by himself. when he left, I noticed a 1-inch black line in the center of the tv. I filed a claim. It was not there when he arrived, it was there when he left. I have been getting the run around since day one with Dish. I keep getting told I will be contacted in 1-2 business days. I have never received a call. Every time I call, I get an excuse. It is maddening to have to watch tv with this on the screen. On one call, I am told it is because of my house wiring. Another call, I will need a Samsung representative to give me a written letter about how this mark got there. Also, I need a written report from a local tv repair person on how the mark got there. This has got me very upset. I decided to buy a soundbar system. I was told the range was 50 feet for the rear speakers.
After they took out my high-end Sony/Polk system, it did not work correctly. I was told it's because of where I live. I asked to return the system, as I had 30 days to decide. I then was told Dish would not reinstall my original sound system, so I had to pay $249 to have it put back in. The Dish installers came into my home with face masks on. They took off the masks during installation, said it was itchy and left their face masks in my home when they left. I am asking for your help. I would like my tv fixed or replaced. And my installation fee for my sound system. Thank you.

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