@dish – Charlie Ergen – October 25, 2020 From : Marsha A. Brown 5920 Knox Daniel Road Union City, TN

Marsha Brown sent a message to Charlie Ergen that said:

October 25, 2020

From : Marsha A. Brown
5920 Knox Daniel Road
Union City, TN 38261

Acct. # 8255 90972695 9775

I have exhausted nearly all my options and this was close to the end of the means, as they say.

There needs to be some cleaning of the house at Dish with people who hang up on you, give you false information, and simply just LIE.

In June of 2020 I looked at getting DISH Tv, was scheduled to have it installed on June 20th. I received a surprise in the mail, an offer to get a $400 prepaid Mastercard. I immediately called the number (855-518-7731) and asked if it was possible to get this promotion and was told yes, it would be here in 6 to 8 weeks.

When the card did not show up in 8 weeks I called on August 17, 2020 to see what happened and was
told to wait some more and then I was hung up on. I called again on August 24th and talked with Jose at
4 p.m. was assured he fixed and would call me back, he never called and I called on August 27th and was hung up on, called again August 28th at 6 p.m. and referred to someone else that knew nothing, but said it would be another 6 to 8 weeks.

Not being very trusting, I called October 5, 2020 and talked with Romona who told me it was not even
listed in my dish rewards and said she knew nothing else. Not satisfied I was routed to the Resolution Department where I would talk to Rebecca, who said she was an Executive to the Dish Resolution Team, phone number 866-240-2347, Ext. 39678. This lady assured me she was on top of this. It had been declined for whatever reason and was NEVER on the my dish rewards page, she had done some checking and put it on my dish rewards, she said call me when I had a question, hence giving me her extension.

I tried for several days to check on my dish rewards and finally called the number and was told, I had
no rewards on my account. Now I am angry beyond belief. Is there No one at DISH that tells the truth
or even knows the meaning of telling the truth.

I called Rebecca on October 15, 2020 at 12:30p.m. and left message, answering machine states that she would call back 24 to 76 hours later, guess what ,she NEVER called, I called back on October 20, 20 and left message of disbelief at 9:15a.m. and 12:40p.m.. She NEVER called so I took the next step
possible to me.

I sent to emails to Curtis Caitlen and Caroline Krause, which I have included. I heard from a
gentleman named Chris who called October 21, 2020 after the sending of the emails. I told him I
considered DISH went into a contract on June 20, 2020, where I took their service and they supplied
me with a promised $400 Mastercard and I was tired of being put off and simply lied to. He check into the matter and there was no my dish rewards, after all the promises and deception he would take of the matter and call me back in 24 hours. He called the following day and said there was some mix up about how the promotion was awarded and he had taken care of it and it would be another 5 to 8 weeks.

Today is October 25, 2020 and I have NO faith in the word of any of the DISH representatives, so I
write this letter in hopes to get the absolute truth. I think about advertising for DISH all over the internet about their dishonest actions, the only reason I don’t is because I dislike Direct TV more.
But, I still mite do it just to protect others.

This needs to be taken care of immediately, the trust has been broken and my options are at the end of this story. Hope someone can rectify or I want my money refunded for the past time I have paid and had problems, and received nothing I was promised, and a cancellation of my DISH network. As of yesterday I am still getting the brochures of the promise of a $400 Mastercard.

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