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Dear Mr. McMillion, I'm a 30 year veteran of the U.S. Military. I served to protect the concept of this country and the freedoms we are guaranteed. One of those is the pursuit of happiness, the right to prosper. Earning a lawful living is the pathway to that goal. Small business is the corner stone to that as well as large business. No one knew that better than Sam.

I'm outraged at how the COVID-19 outbreak is now being what I believe as a political weapon. I really don't care what political party a person is for but this blatant abuse of power by State Governors must stop. Opening and closing business they deem essential or non essential on a whim and based on reports no one can truly validate is WRONG and far exceeds their power. No Government entity should have the power to take a persons lively hood and right to earn a living.

It's TIME for all businesses large and small to stand together and tell the States you will not comply with these closures. They have not proved effective, the state have not enforced their own rules allowing violent riots and protests (surely spreading the virus) to go on, often participating in them as well. A month ago the Governor of Virginia visited a city and did not even wear a mask (saying he forgot it in the car), he was surrounded by other not wearing masks. Businesses are more than capable of putting processes in place to help curb the spread of virus.

I humbly ask that WalMart take an active stance to stop serving States that will not open businesses and allow people to live are our Bill of Rights allows us to. Business should not pay taxes to States abusing their power.

Please sir the corporate community needs to act NOW you must send a message to Government that they exist because of the people NOT the other way around.


Mike Malheiro

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