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hi doug I am I recently former employee of the ken,ohio number 3722 store.
I was continuously harassed by a supervisor being disrespectful to me saying things in an aggressive manner like look I told you I want this done now I was by myself had 7 pallets to do I said i'm going as fast as I can then he proceeded to say I told you get it done now I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses.
I dealt with this for two weeks managers didn't want to hear my complaints so I took it in as much as I could and finally told him look you are not allowed to harass or intimidate workers by saying you'll be written up I'm going to file grievence on you he then went and lied to the manager on duty that I was refusing to do my job and dropped the f bomb that is a blaintent lie.
the problem was when I told him I was going to file a complaint he got scared and to cover his own self went and drummed up lies.
the next day manager ray called me in claiming he had multiple people say I dropped the f bomb I told him that dustin lied to chris about that and you guys are just covering yourselves because I imposed a threat to reach out and file a grievance.
the managers are rude put you by yourself at least 90 percent of the time and expect you to get each pallet of goods out in 20 minutes that is impossible especially by yourself and seven pallets.
also I suggest that someone make an unformal trip to see how nasty and unkept the store is dried food on shelves rotten food behind stuff.rodents running around in the receiving area.unkept bathrooms pretty much of the time,nasty break room dirty tables floor etc,trash all over the place on store floor.anyway I don't ask you for my job back as I never in my life felt so dehumanized to the point I open my mouth at anytime at any of the jobs I worked for this place ridicules dehumanizes its employees and has immoral ethics you couldn't pay me 30 dollars an hour to ever work for this place again ty and please have someone check how poorly the place is people shouldn't have to shop in a nasty place I for one will never shop there ty.

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