@dmcmillon17 – Doug McMillon – I have just been through a nightmare with walmart's straight talk/tracfone and thought I would

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I have just been through a nightmare with walmart's straight talk/tracfone and thought I would email you since I am at the brink of tears.
Last week I called and talked to a rep at tracfone. I said I have a flip phone and would like a pre-paid plan. They took my IMEI # and looked it up. they told me the plans. I said I would like the plan that's $20.00 with unlimited text and talk. They said we would have to rebrand the phone to tracfone. I never heard of that so I was leery and asked...if you rebrand it and it doesn't work for me can I get it back to straight talk. the rep said yes. I said I will call back when I have the money. Two days later I call tracfone again. I have the same exact conversation with another rep to make sure that what they are telling me is accurate since I have had experience with reps saying different things. That rep said exactly the same thing. Today I called and everything was different. The rep rebrands my phone to tracfone and then tells me that I cannot have the $20.00 pre-paid plan because I have a flip phone. I told her but I told the other two reps. why didn't they tell me that. So I asked her to rebrand back to what it was. She couldn't. She said I would have to buy a tracfone plan to get it back to straighttalk. I blew up then. I asked for a manager. the manager tells me she cannot do it and would transfer me to straight talk. I ask her to tell the agent at straight talk what was happening. She said she cannot talk to an agent she can just transfer the call. So she does. It takes me to a maze of recording that never gets me to an agent. so I call tracfone back and the rep Raymond, not only gets me to an agent but tells them what's going on. I told them and they could not rebrand my phone back to straight talk. I ask for a manager. I am on hold until we are disconnected. He calls me back, then suddenly someone gets on the phone, not the manager. she starts asking me questions but I tell her I was waiting for a manager. She can't transfer me unless I give her the phone number I am calling about. But there is no phone number since I couldn't get service from tracfone and straight talk is too expensive. Finally I get a manager, I think Lawrence to rebrand my phone. I have been a customer of walmart for decades and a customer of straight talk for about 3 years. Is this how walmart treats loyal customers, by victimizing them?

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