@dmcmillon17 – Doug McMillon – I reached out to you over 2 weeks ago (or at least I though it

Vickie Stroud sent a message to Doug McMillon that said:

I reached out to you over 2 weeks ago (or at least I though it was your email) But I was upset that the local Walmart #1114 terminated my son on July 30th. My so has worked for walmart for approximately 4 years and had nearly perfect attendance. The reason he was terminated was he had gotten permission from his supervisor to use his phone as long as it was walmart connected...the day in question his supervisor Ryan of lawn and garden was off and Zachery Stroud (my son) was moving a shelving unit so he was taking a picture so he could duplicate it when another supervisor Nathaniel saw him and Zack explained it was work related....this occurred on the 29th and on the 30th Nathaniel called him in an hour before his shift ended and terminated for that incident...Now this is crazy especially with his near perfect attendance and he was constantly being pulled to cover other areas. Another thing that was mention was his zoning deficiency, which is mind boggling because they had implemented a "shopper friendly" zoning which my son was not informed of, in fact it was approximately 4 days prior to his termination when a co-worker from another department informed him of this change...so how can he be terminated for issues that number one he had permission and number two he was unaware? what a travesty with the need for dependable reliable workersthat one can be discarded so hastily! I will not say I will never shop walmart again but it will not be my first choice... side note he has filed for unemployment but it is pending so this is definitely a hardship on him.... I would very much appreciate you looking into this matter for me...Thank you

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