@dmcmillon17 – Doug McMillon – I spent over 400 dollars in Walmart in bartlesville and had bought my niece the

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I spent over 400 dollars in Walmart in bartlesville and had bought my niece the same thing she bought herself for her baby on my way out of town I stopped by to get a refund on the items that was not useful anymore and yes i had my receipt. It says nowere in the store that they wouldnt take back baby clothes. So not only was I uninformed she had a hurry up I dnt care attitude about it. So it of 400 dollars spending at Walmart I cant get a 45 dollar refund with a receipt and all the tags still in place....(walmart response..During these unprecedented times we are temporarily stopping returns/exchanges on some types of items to reduce store traffic and support social distancing: food, paper goods, home cleaning supplies, laundry soap, pharmacy, health & beauty and apparel.

Once returns reopen for these items, we will extend the return period for them by 6 weeks.

Thank you for contacting Walmart where we are always happy to help!) My reply...(Yea i got that part..That should be something displayed in the store not wait til the moment of no it's not your problem I guess but i missed a funeral honestly Because of how unaware I was and was counting on that for gas to go out of town to bury my aunt..so it was more than a inconvenience. So either way it goes I cannot get my money back on something that is going to sit here with tags and all unworn. to be honest if I didnt need the money back as bad or if I knew about it before I would have not even waisted my time to look like a fool..I'd say forget it and deal with it but I'd say the issue I am dealing with is a little much especially since the lady was rude as all get out. (No customer service by the way.) This is highly ridiculous. That's unbelievable)..

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