@dmcmillon17 – Doug McMillon – I'm reaching out to you to ask you a question. I got scammed by someone

Melisa D Chambers sent a message to Doug McMillon that said:

I'm reaching out to you to ask you a question. I got scammed by someone using Wal-Mart name. You see about 2 months ago I had a terrible experience at the Wal-Mart money services. I called the corporate office with my situation and was told that a manager would be contacting me. I didn't think much about it until i got a letter from what I thought was Wal-Mart. In the letter was a check for $2450.00 and instructions on how to do a Walmart money services survey. So I deposited the check and followed the instructions. Just to find out I've been scammed. I'm asking if there is anything you can do to help me? I don't have that kind of money and with me loading my job due to the pandemic. I don't know what I'm going to do just to get by. If there's anything you can do to help me I would be so grateful and be a loyal Wal-Mart customer for life. Please I'm so scared I'm going to have this over me for a long time if I can't find help. My life was hard before this happened to me and now I'm finding it unbearable with this over my head and in my heart. Because I know if I can only pay it back $5 a paycheck then that's what I'll have to do. It has to be made right. I won't be able to leave my bank holding the bag on this. My conscience won't allow me to do that. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you. Sincerely,
Melisa Chambers

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