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To who it may concern 1-21-20

I was at your Walmart store located at 200 Goldie Road Youngstown Ohio 44505 on Sunday, January 19 at about 9:15 AM I went there to pick up a large order of food and cake which I ordered for my daughter's christening upon arriving I went to the deli and I had three trays of sandwiches ordered a cheese tray and 100 piece order. Plus I ordered a two tier cake from the bakery while upon picking up my order, which I went into the store a week prior and placed all these orders in person upon getting there the only thing they had done were the three trays of sandwiches the chicken they were just dropping and they never had the cheese plate done at all. So I had to wait an extra 25 minutes for the chicken to be done and cooked and then when they brought the cheese plate out it wasn't nowhere near what we ordered and they decided to tell me that they don't sell cheese place that they were doing this as a favor when at the deli there's a big poster that shows the cheese plates and a price sheet that hangs from the ceiling that's about 4' x 5' but I guess Walmart does not make cheese plates so then upon going over to the bakery to pick up my cake which was supposed to be ready for pick up at 10 AM they never even started the cake in which the person behind the counter wanted to call me a liar to my face saying I never placed the order for the cake which the other employee Walmart employee that was next to her said yes he did I was the one that took his order so she continued to call me a liar telling me I did not place it then they told me it would not be ready for another 2 1/2 hours later from the time it was supposed to be picked up when I talk to the general manager he was no help he eventually told me he would take $10 off the cake which after 2 1/2 hours being late of having a cake that should've been ready is a little ridiculous then on top of all that up on picking up the cake it was nowhere near what it was supposed to be they spelled her name wrong and it looks nothing like the picture in The book which was at the counter the service was completely horrible they didn't want do nothing but argue with me and basically called me a liar to my face saying I did not place the order with them for the cake which the other employee kept informing them that I did the customer service was horrible I truly hope your other stores are not as bad as this one and I hope something is done with the way they handled this I'm a small business owner myself and it was completely ridiculous For them not to have the food I ordered a week prior ready and or the cake ready and they didn't want do nothing to compensate or try to resolve any issue I would prefer somebody higher up at corporate to contact me back in regards to this issue so it doesn't happen to anybody else ever again thank you very much. Please contact me back

Jason Takash

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