@dmcmillon17 – Doug McMillon – Your stores are violating my rights to make my own choice about MY health. Surgeon

linda Schuberth sent a message to Doug McMillon that said:

Your stores are violating my rights to make my own choice about MY health. Surgeon General Jerome Adams doubled down on his advice against healthy people wearing face masks to protect themselves from coronavirus, saying that wearing one improperly can "actually increase your risk" of getting the disease.

"What the World Health Organization and the CDC have reaffirmed in the last few days is that they do not recommend the general public wear masks," Adams Said. "There was a study in 2015 looking at medical students. And medical students wearing surgical masks touch their faces on average 23 times. We know a major way that you can get respiratory diseases like coronavirus is by touching a surface and then touching your face."
People who are sick should wear masks, said Adams, but acknowledged that if healthy people feel better by wearing a mask, "by all means, wear it" but they should not touch their faces.

He also insisted the general public should not wear medical-style N95 masks, because they must be fitted properly to avoid infection. The Walmart in Lake Geneva Wisconsin is threatens people with arrest/ fines if they try to shop without a face mask.
Your are complicit in promoting illnesses by requiring face masks. Do not rely on the CDC. Fauci et al.have been wrong from he start and Fauci approved our tax dollars to be given to the wuhan laboratory.
The American public is not stupid and i have stopped shopping at walmart because you sell to many things made inChina!!!!

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